What do you call a photographer without a camera?


Saturday night and we were all snuggled up on the sofa, the kids cozy and warm in their pj’s sharing a fluffy blanket between them. It had been such a busy week, and a late Friday night and they desperately needed some down time, so we’d eaten early, put on a film and were all […]

Sibling love

How do you photograph love?


With Valentines Day sitting in the middle of February, our new photography theme for the month is ‘Love’. To be completely honest, I hesitated after I thought of this theme…. Our previous prompts have been fairly physical, tangible concepts, such as ‘new’, ‘looking up’ and ‘outside’; things that you can see all around you, whereas […]

What are you waiting for?


Somehow the first quarter of the year is already behind us – the days are getting longer, the sun is shining (sometimes), and this year, Easter has already been and gone; memories of family fun tucked safely into our back pocket, hopefully with a few photographs along side it, ready to pull out in years […]