How do you photograph love?

With Valentines Day sitting in the middle of February, our new photography theme for the month is ‘Love’.

To be completely honest, I hesitated after I thought of this theme…. Our previous prompts have been fairly physical, tangible concepts, such as ‘new’, ‘looking up’ and ‘outside’; things that you can see all around you, whereas love is an emotion; it’s not something you see, it’s something you feel.


The majority of our participants are relatively new to photography; most have been on our Photo Basics workshop and they’re using the prompts to continue to practice using their cameras out of Auto; when they take a shot they are trying to remember about their settings and composition and the light etc. so would adding a slightly more complex theme into the mix just be one step too far?


I decided not…


For me, my favourite photographs are less about the technicalities, and much much more about the feeling you get, the emotion you capture, the connection between your subjects or between the subject and the photographer, and when you bring all of that together, a little bit of magic happens. Love is the perfect theme to embrace this – it’s that spark in their eyes, that shared look, that shiver down your spine, your breath catching in your chest. For me, I feel love in the looks on the faces of my children, their bond and the bond that they have with our family and friends, a little person finding all the reassurance they need by resting against my leg, Friday movie nights snuggled up on the sofa,  my husband’s hand on my back as he gently guides me in a situation that only he knows I feel anything less than 100% comfortable in, the connections I see when a client delicately handles their precious newborn, or tenderly scoops their first born into their lap, in a shared joke, a gently placed, protective hand, or a shared bottle of wine and stories of ‘that time when’ with a couple of dear friends. But equally some pretty light, ten minutes of quiet meditation and contemplation, walking barefoot on the sand, or the right music blasting loudly from my kitchen speakers whilst I prepare dinner and the children bob in and out chattering, dancing, and playing can fill me up instantly with that fuzzy inner warmth that is love.  And the best part of it is – the moments that trigger this feeling will be different for each and every one of us.

Pictures of the connection of love

This months theme is a lesson in being prepared – keeping your camera close by, looking around you, reading the light and changing your settings as you enter a new situation, so that when that magical moment arises, you’re not fiddling with ISO or altering your depth of field – you’re right there in it, recording it. I know that you are all more than capable!


It’s an opportunity for creativity untold… I can’t wait to see what lights you up and gives you the warm and fuzzies throughout February.

Images that show love

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