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Easter holiday 2016-33

Somehow the first quarter of the year is already behind us – the days are getting longer, the sun is shining (sometimes), and this year, Easter has already been and gone; memories of family fun tucked safely into our back pocket, hopefully with a few photographs along side it, ready to pull out in years to come when the little details start to fail us and we can’t quite separate one memory from another.


With a husband that travels extensively, and a scattering of family members around the globe, holidays spent together are at the top of our priority list – the glue that binds us together. Our extended family rented a fabulous holiday cottage in North Devon for a few days – we spent time on the beach, riding bikes, lazing around in our jammies for just a little longer than we really should have in the mornings, and playing card games accentuated with friendly competition and a lot of laughter, well into the early hours.


It was just the escape from the dramas and stresses of every day life that everyone  needed, and I delighted in capturing our days there and rushed to edit the images and share them with the rest of the family as soon as we got home. I’ll get them made into a photo book, along with Christmas, birthdays and other significant family events of the year, and I can already anticipate how well thumbed it will be – the children and adults alike in our family love to look back on the adventures we’ve had.


Now our attention is turning to summer holidays and deciding how we will spend that time. We haven’t decided where to go yet, but I’m sure the main criteria of somewhere warm, with a pool and a beach nearby will be fulfilled and the anticipation of those long lazy days is already capturing my imagination. It really won’t be too long now…


Recording those special moments when we are all together is so important to me, and I feel honoured to be able to provide the visual recollections that my family will look back on for years to come to recall ‘the day that we…’. There was nothing more frustrating back before I l started to learn photography, than seeing a memory that I wanted to capture and snapping away, only to find that the outcome was blurry, or dark, or lacking any depth, emotion or interest, and then the moment would be gone and I’d missed my chance.


If you’ve bought a DSLR with the intention of taking better photographs, but you’ve never quite worked out how to create the same vision that you saw when you picked up the camera, now is the time to stop relying on the scatter gun effect and start to take control of your images. Learning to use your camera to it’s potential takes a bit of knowledge plus a lot of practice – it’s not without coincidence that after you finish your day on A Happy Capture workshop you are added to a post-workshop support group, where you’ll receive ongoing support and monthly themes to encourage you to keep picking up your camera.


Our next Photography Basics workshop, designed to give you the knowledge to understand your camera and the confidence to move out of auto and start to fulfill your creativity in the images you capture, takes place in Ashtead on Friday, 22 April.


This is the ideal time to get the basics down and start practicing so that when it comes to summer holidays, you’ll feel confident to capture some fantastic memories the way that you actually want them to look this year.


Spaces are limited, and there are only a few remaining – to find out more and to book: http://ahappycaptureworkshops.co.uk/beginners/