Post workshop Happy Captures

We ran a Photography Basics workshop this Saturday at the Medicine Garden in Cobham – after a chilly start it turned into a bright, sunny day and we had a great time out in the gardens while our attendees got to grips with their new skills.

A Happy Capture May 2015-16

After the workshop, each attendee is added to a private Facebook group – it’s a great opportunity to grow along with your peers – sharing your work and seeing others images and progress encourages you to keep going with your own photography journey and try new things and we also pop in from time to time to give a little feedback and answer any questions.

All of the feedback we’ve receive from our attendees to date has been really positive!

‘I have really enjoyed the day and feel inspired to go away and try lots of new ideas with my photography’!

But the best feedback of all was on Sunday when we saw fantastic new images posted in the facebook group by every person who had attended our workshop on Saturday – their enthusiasm was infectious and it was a wonderful feeling to know that each one of them had been motivated to pick up their cameras and try out their new skills the next day. Here’s a small selection of the images they posted of their thoughtful little offspring – I think you will agree that they are doing a fantastic job!

Attendee images - Abi May 2015









A Happy Capture May 2015-29


Our next Photography Basics workshop will be held on Saturday 11 July – it will be your last opportunity to attend and learn how to get a bit more out of your camera before the summer holidays and plenty of photography opportunities arrive!